Microsoft window – Imposter

Carrie –

Victim Location 18705

Type of a scam Tech Support

Had a message on my home phone to call the number since the company was closing…I called to see what it was…the guy wouldn’t give me his name. He wanted me to open Google chrome so he could send a refund of $429…I repeatedly asked him his name but he hung up…this happened 7 times! I told him I was very old and didn’t know much about computers and he said he would have to come and hit me in the head with a stick..he hung up again…I called back and he answered in less than 1 ring…he said I must not want the refund then…I told him again I was old and my daughter handles everything for me and he said "she must be a big sucker" and told me he had better tell me his name..I was going to call BBB..he said Steven Parker..I told him that’s a nice name and to say hi to you brother Peter Parker from Spiderman. He hung up..called him back and asked for a manager who said we obviously don’t want the refund since the don’t issue checks…I told him to give it to the poor children separated from their parents by the Mexico border and he now hung up…so I give up. Hope you can handle this so some people don’t have to take this situation happening to them

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