Microsoft Windows gold partner of windows – spoof

Misty –

Victim Location 28212

Type of a scam Tech Support

My computer was running a little sluggish and I received a phone call from a Mike Anderson (Indian nationality voiced man) 415-944-3373 claiming to be a with the company Microsoft Windows Gold partner of Windows. He asked for access to my computer to show me that I had hackers and malware etc. on my computer and that since I didn’t have virus protection I was breaking the law and I would need protection immediately. "Mr. Anderson" said that he would fix my computer by remotely assessing it and gave me 3 payment plans. I informed him that the money wasn’t available at the time and to contact me at a later date. Once I was contacted later he requested his payment and I agreed until he began to inform me that I needed to obtain a gift card from any local retailer or gas station and to read the numbers off so that payment go be received. I refused and he said another form of payment could be through Paypal and send the money to ([email protected]) but I must use the computer to access the account. We began to argue about the relevance of using my phone verse computer and I told him I wanted to speak with a supervisor. Another (Indian voiced) man named John Thomas got on the phone after a brief pause that sounded like the same man. I DEMANDED a corporate office number and "Mr. Thomas" provided me with 1 844-453-5153. I immediately called the number and who answered the corporate number John Thomas, my other line was calling from the 415- 944-3373 Mike Anderson asking me what is going on and why did I turn off my computer, if I don’t pay it’ll come out of his paycheck etc. I TOLD him don’t contact me again and I could call the police because this was a fake company trying to scam money from me and that I am going to report them to the authorities. I have completely turned off my computer and will be taking it to the Geek Squad at Best Buy to scan and hopefully fix any viruses or damage they may have done to my computer and to put a firewall up. Luckily I don’t use that computer to do my banking but I have since changed all my passwords just in case.

Persons that were involved in the Scam:

Initial contact Mike Anderson 415- 944-3373 (customer ID: Mike 786) to be requested upon call/ he will also call you from a blocked (private number)

Supervisor Doreen Bobbit (name given my Mike Anderson) 415-944-3373

Accounts specialist John Thomas 415-944-3373

Corporate Office 1 844-453-5153 answered by John Thomas from ( 415-944-3373/ same person)

contacted also by these numbers but I didn’t respond

415-799-9800 (California number)

412-212-9770( Pennsylvania number)

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