Microsoft World Tech Support Imposter

Alejandro –

Victim Location 14905

Total money lost $350

Type of a scam Tech Support

John Cooper claimed to be from Microsoft world technical support and that my computer was sending information to mcrosoft that there were problems. Then gave me Kevin Smith who claimed to be the senior service manager. Contact information given – [email protected] and claimed to be in Salt Lake City, Utah. They said everything would be done for free. I mentioned having worked with another company and they had done the same thing, they said it must have been a scam and that they would help me recover my money I had paid to Dcloudzone. I continued to work with them. Then they told me what technical support they would provide and that the other company had maid my license on my computer invalid and in order to have a new license to continue to use my computer I would have to pay a lifetime fee of $350. They charged my credit card immediately and tried to charge the one they were supposedly helping me with to recover fees. They said the billing would be through Ray and Day, when I asked what that was they said it was their bank. That was when I knew it was a scam. In my history of searches made it included one for a bank in India as well as 15 other sites they had searched don my computer. I am also questioning the legitimacy of Dcloudzone. They charged me $159.99 for technical support and it appears they installed free downloads I could have done myself claiming it was security they put on my computer. I was sent an email saying the payment was made through NetPaySys, but the charge listed was under PC – CURE.BIZ1888 and I had been told it would show up in a different way on my statement.

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