Mark –

Victim Location 10008

Type of a scam Nigerian/Foreign Money Exchange

Sir, I was contacted by email saying that my Inheritance held by the UN/IMF is now ready for release. I confirmed my Bank A/c as given by him, and sent the Midfirst Bank Forms (3) duly filled. I now find that the above quoted on-line Bank (location not identifiable) with MIDFIRST Bank Logo where the Credit has been shown. The Tp.No. +447978269037 is not contactable. Is this a network unit of your accredited Midfirst Bank, please? I have not been able to make any transaction on its web-link.

Kindly check and clarify this if possibly an illegal site? (NY& Code are incorrect!)

Thanking you. I am Swiss resident. Ecowas told me of an Inheritance a decade ago – f.i.

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