Midland Cavapoo

Samantha – Jul 12, 2020

The website has some grammatical errors but I looked past them. I checked their Facebook page. As of July 12th 2020, they do not have one.
I called the number and a guy that barely spoke English answered the phone. There were several cell phones going off in the back ground. Their responses were quick and they provided me with several photos of each dog!

When I was ready to put down a deposit for both dogs he asked me to pay through several Cash Apps which I had never used. I tried to use Apple Pay and it kept telling me it wouldn’t go through. I downloaded Zelle and it told me the receiver was not verified. He gave me several variations of names and emails and numbers to try. This seemed odd to me. When I told him that this was making me nervous and didn’t seem legit he told me that it’s a family company so they all share names and email addresses. I bought it… reluctantly. That was at 10pm last night.

Today he wants to know where I am and if I’m coming to get the dogs. I told him that El Paso is 9 hours away for us and we will have to make travel arrangements. He seemed upset and wanted to know what day we were going.

I sent a text asking questions about the puppy’s. I didn’t hear anything. Something told me to google them.

Here I am. I called my bank. The payment was still pending. Thankfully they stopped it. This stinks. If it seems too hood to be true it probably is!

Jill – Jul 12, 2020

I just got scammed by this website. I wish I had read these scam reports before contacting them but have to chalk it up to an expensive lesson learned. Paid $800 for puppy and $280 to have puppy driven to our house 300 mi away. Once money was sent via Paypal I received a contract which looked legit but in hindsight there were some grammar red flags. I was told by the initial contact person that they had found a driver and they could bring the puppy 2 days later. The morning of the delivery day I received a phone call from the driver “confirming” when he would be leaving El Paso and approx. arrival time. Still seemed legit. But about an hour after arrival time and no puppy I started calling seller and driver both of which had obviously blocked me. I believe this is an overseas criminal scam group somewhere in India or similar region as both people I talked to had that type of accent. I am unable to get money back from Paypal as I was told to send as a “Friends and Family” transaction (which should have been a big red flag) instead of a commercial acct. and there is no recourse for that type of transaction. Do not let this happen to anyone else!

Deborah – Jun 18, 2020

I am a legitimate breeder. These scammers currently have information, health certifications (they are sharing with people) and pictures of my dogs stolen off my website on their website as “theirs”. You can see where they cropped the picture to remove my watermark. Please report their website as fake and their facebook page as spam/scam!

Cassandra – Jul 12, 2020

Thank you for posting the pictures of your dog. This is what solidified the reality of the scam for me.

Jesus – Jun 17, 2020

We got scammed too! What awful people! They had us pay a $350 deposit and said they would meet us in front of the airport. They never showed so we reported them to the police.

Heather – Jun 15, 2020

Victim Location 75208

Total money lost $500

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I found their website while searching for Cavapoo puppies in Texas. We saw a puppy that we liked and contacted them. They said she was available and would ship her to us. Asked for a $500 deposit which I paid. I did receive a shipping number but was told originally she (puppy) would be flown, then was called back and told there was a delay as she was actually coming via ground but not until the following day. This raised alarm bells. Then they requested the remainder of the cost ($580 more dollars) but sent a different method and to a different email address. I refused. They then said they would not ship so I said fine, cancel and refund my deposit. I requested funds back but request was declined. I have contacted my bank and reported the initial transaction as a scam.

Sara – May 27, 2020

Victim Location 78840

Total money lost $380

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Midland Cavapoo claims to have puppies for sale. The website seems to be real and honest. With testimonials. I trusted it. They wanted a deposit, so I sent $380 from cash app. Then he said he would type up a contract. I never received a contract. After I read bad reviews about them being scammers, I asked for a refund, and was blocked. I asked for a refund thru cash app and it was rejected.

This business is not real. They just scam people and take their money

Angela – May 26, 2020

I contacted them about a puppy. After I read his website and all the background history and the testimonials, it all seemed legit. So when he ( Robert Milson) asked for a deposit , i thought he was legit and honest so I sent him $380
After I sent it he said he’d send me a contract. But I never received it. I asked him if we could FaceTime, he said he didn’t have FaceTime to video call. He said he would meet me at the airport in El Paso.
But after reading these bad reviews and others on FB, I asked him for a refund, I text, I called, but he blocked me.

Geoffrey – Jun 13, 2020

Sorry this happened, thank you for the report. This site saved me from the same scam from them.

Russell – May 07, 2020

She would not video call me to see the puppies. That’s when I realized this was likely a scam. Coming on here confirmed it!

Megan – Apr 29, 2020

This site is a complete scam! I’m filing a police report! Do not use them! They requested $1080 for the puppy and shipping and with them and the airport transport asking $800 for a bigger crate. I’m out a lot of money! If you need more info contact me

Shawna – May 12, 2020

Was it ever resolved?

Caleb – Apr 14, 2020

Victim Location 76102

Total money lost $400

Type of a scam Online Purchase

We were looking for puppy. Found them on Facebook. They said they had availability, sent videos and pictures. Sent a deposit and then had trouble contacting them. They said they were having connectivity problems but have since stopped all contact. Also, they claim on their website that they are registered with the AKC. First, AKC does not recognize crossbreeds or breeders of crossbreds. Second, I called AKC and they have no record of the breeder or their dogs. TOTAL SCAM!!!!

Ann – Apr 14, 2020

Victim Location 78665

Total money lost $1,080

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I contacted them about a puppy. They provided all info. Once money was sent, I received a contract. In researching the address it was not what they described. Also, they have continued to tell me their is a delay in the dog being sent.

Vincent – Apr 29, 2020

They scammed me too. Have you reported them? I am. Please contact me! I am devastated

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