Nicholas –

Victim Location 77304

Total money lost $400

Type of a scam Debt Collections

was called by this number – never left a message – they then began calling my family. I called them they said they had a lawsuit by a company that I owed money to and if I didn’t resolve it today the courts would be taking action and the calls would continue. I had paid my debt already but in that moment I couldn’t confirm it. I tried to tell them that I was going to call the company to get proof that the debt was paid but they kept insisting that some type of arrangement had to be done right then. Out of anger, frustration, and emotion I paid them a portion to get the harassing to stop. after I calmed down I called back and asked for documentation, address, and website and they couldn’t offer me anything. I called the company I had the original debt with and they confirmed that my debt was paid in full and I finally verified everything with paperwork and numerous calls. I was scammed and felt dumb but I even though I lost some money, I still reported it thru the proper channels. Hopefully the scamming will stop. Don’t do anything till you verify verify verify. most importantly , if there is a lawsuit against you , more than likely a law office wouldn’t call you to tell you they are going to summon you- they just show up. don’t get scammed by this so called company.

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