Mighty Teacups

Preston –

Victim Location 44090

Total money lost $580

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I was looking to purchase a puppy. I located one, contacted the seller. They sent Pics and a purchase outline. The purchase was made through Zellepay. (which is supported by our Bank) Once the $580.00 was paid through Zellepay, I was contacted the next day by the shipper of the puppy. There now was a shipping fee needed for a special shipping crate. (Which they claimed it was refundable and was needed due to weather-Cold) This was and additional $1000-$1500 fee. I contact the seller of the puppy at that point. If its refundable, then I expected him to pay it since it was never mentioned at time of sale. He refused, said he didn’t have the fee to ship. I at that point asked for the $580.00 back since it started to feel shady. The seller said he would refund the purchase fee in 10 days. He hasn’t refunded anything and it’s been 13 days. I have emailed and called him numerous times. A pay request was also sent through Zellepay, which he did receive and has not responded to.

The seller was Micheal Demeris – Tulsa, OK

The shipping service was Skylines Shipping

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