Mile HIgh H20

Marvin – Apr 29, 2020

Victim Location 98208

Total money lost $4,980

Type of a scam Employment

David Mueller and Mia Sciandra – Mile High H20 is a scam!!!! I was suppose to be hired on as a salesperson and they went through a lengthy process of putting together a contract and convincing emails to make you think you were going to start training.The Training never happened and they took the $4980 deposit and never answered any emails, phones nothing! THEY PROMISED THEY WOULD RETURN THE DEPOSIT FOR THE MACHINE AND NEVER DID. It is extremely unfortunate that people feel so desperate that they need to scam others. Kangen water itself is NOT a scam but these people are using the company’s name to scam people into thinking they can work for them. They will take your money if they say they are hiring you. DONT DO IT.

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