Rodney –

Victim Location 32968

Type of a scam Counterfeit Product

I would like to share my story about buying a puppy online through this scammer.

This puppy breeder claims to be a pure breed chihuahua breeder. I was looking online to find chihuahua puppies and found this breeder from VA. This person responded in a reasonable time and we started talking about buying one of the puppies.

The person never personally phoned me , only by text was communicated.

When we settled on a puppy I asked to have the puppy fixed as well as the shipping detailed.

He said the puppy is $650 , the shipping $200 and the fixing of the dog $150. the shipping company will contact me personally.

I agreed to proceed. He send me the Bill of sale to sign. on the bill of sale he had an address and a name Aaron Moses.

I signed and proceeded by paying "family and friends" under paypal… but the amount was only $850. When I asked him about it he said not to worry, he will pay for the shipping (december promotion)…. oky still not the right amount but oky…

A day later I get an actual call from the shipping company. I black african male accent. He mentioned that he has the puppy ready to ship however he cannot go on the airplane yet because the paperwork is not completed. He send me an email to complete.

when i opened the email it asked for $1650 of pet insurance and delivery, 100% refundable at delivery.

That raised my eyebrows and I called him back schooling him on how outrageous that sounds and I will not be paying that.

He kept pushing me to pay and rest assured I will receive my puppy that same day at 11pm. (was around 1:30pm) I asked how in the world are you to deliver a puppy still to fly and be delivered to my door , I live 93 miles from the airport, at 11pm. who will deliver it at that time … sure as hell not fedex, ups or usps…

he had all kinds of answers and explanations. Reading further into the email, I also had to make a walmart2walmart payment.

the invoice was made in the companies name : expert pets runner

but the person to receive the money was an individual, Gabriel Malone. I went to walmart and the walmart employee assured me it was a scam because the certain format of the invoice is something she has seen before and turned out to be a scam. We then researched the website and found other errors, for example, they use photos of other shipping companies’ vans.

I text the breeder back and he was very rude suddenly but assured me this shipping company is the best and he have used them always. He asked me to pay half of the insurance and shipping fees and he will do the other half. I said no you pay for all of it because after all it is a service you should provide as the seller and it is fully refundable … right? or

i have a friend that lives close by and she can come by to get the puppy.

how about tomorrow morning at 10am……. I never heard from him again and no response…

the website for the company is

.ml I believe according to my research to be from Malawi, Africa.

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