Milla’s Basset hounds

Lydia – Jul 11, 2020

im in touch with rigt now been going on now 4 days,it breaks my heart and just losing my thirteen year old basset,live just can’ get any worse,first off can’t find away to get them there 400 dollars paypal says no and they wanted me to go with family and friends,no i need there asking me if i have a cvs near me,they say they are in texas address 1214 shadeland dr huston, texas two phone# 9702876528,6124414136,talk like black or india,one email they gave me was [email protected],paypal said not a valid email this is not good stopping contact,with a broken heart i have to say no

Gabriel – Jul 07, 2020

Victim Location 80817

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I contacted Milla about a Basset hound puppies. The site says they are in colorado, and list a phone for Silt, CO. they emailed me 3 time before calling me from an Alabama phone number. The arab speaking man sent photos and videos. They were eager to sell but only if I put down a deposit of 300 for each pup. I told them I couldnt do that so they dropped it to 150. per pup. I told them I will speak to my wife. When I contacted them and told them I would pay cash upon arrival and could be there in 12 hours, they stopped all contact. I called both number and went to voice mail. I left a message asking them to call back, they did not. When money was being talked about they were fast to call. after I told them payment upon arrival nothing…. I talked to 3 other breeders in TX and no one has heard of Milla’s basset hounds. Nor can I find TX lic number for them.

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