Mini Computer Systems

Brittany –

Type of a scam Employment

The company name is Mini Computer Systems from Toronto, ON phone# 647-785-2185. I applied for a job on career builder for an office assistant. Alex Kirsten Operation Manager sent me a email to tell me that they had reviewed my resume and they wanted to offer me the job. They told me that I don’t have to interview for the job because anyone can do well on a interview and my there resume look good but they was going to give me a job an put me on a 90-days probation. The job pays 1200.00 a week get paid bi-wkly. Monday-Friday 9-5 with all the benefits that I would get from you would get at any job. He stated where is was going to open the business Then he sent a email telling me that they was going to send a check for supplies and stuff that is need for the office but never once did he say a lot about the busy that they was opening. The only thing he said that he need to get the office set up by February 24. So the check was receive this week and a letter came with it. So once I got the letter and the check I had a lot of questions to asked so I email him back the questions. The next morning I call the bank that the cashier check was from they said that it was not real. I also call the city where they said that they were going to open a there business in the US they said that never heard of the company. So Alex finally call an I told him that the bank said that the check is not real he said yes it is and I told him that the city don’t know anything about his company coming to Memphis he said that they are still work on the paperwork.

1st Flag- couldn’t find information about the company on line. 2nd Flag google the address it comes up with an old build not like the one of the web page. 3rd Flag when you ask for my address and you said that you have my resume with the address on it. 4th Flag no company is going to sent you money and don’t know nothing about you.

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