Mini pomeranian puppies

Eddie –

Victim Location 48380

Total money lost $500

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I would like to share with you something that happened to me yesterday, I was too upset to talk about it but now I want to share so this doesn’t happen to anyone else. I was a victim of a big scam. This will be a long story but perhaps a good read. Im usually pretty good at not letting something like this happen, and I’m definitely not a fool, however, it started off as sounding legit. So after long hard thinking, and months of deciding, I finally said I’m getting my puppy! It took me a long time to decide on which kind I wanted, and I’m picky about what I wanted so I knew it had to be the perfect match for me. I never had a dog before, but I wanted one lately for a therapy dog, and for something to show me lots of love, I envisioned me cuddling up with this cute fur ball, and having a little excitement in my home full of cuteness. The kind I finally decided that I wanted was a pomeranian. I wanted a white fluffy one, and decided to go with a female. I first decided to look for a rescue or a shelter so I could save it from misery and give it a loving family and home, however I didn’t find any available. So my next step was to find a breeder. It took me three days of researching sites to find the one I desired, and I wanted to make sure she wouldn’t be coming from a dirty puppy mill. These particular dogs are a bit on the pricey side. So I find this breeder, who explains that this puppy will be fully vaccinated, up to date with shots, deworming, proper paperwork, and a visit to the vet before she arrives. She will also come with a crate, food, and instructions. Her breeding process was explained down to how she sits with the mother until she’s ready to give birth, and then she’s in a clean, safe area in the home with clean pads that are changed after each puppy is born to assure the safety and cleanliness for each of the puppy’s health. She also helps the mother clean each one, and the puppies are spoiled and kept safe in her home, rather than what a dirty mill would do. This puppy was 10 weeks old and ready for her new home. She also said that they have puppy nanny’s who help with the delivery so the puppy travels safely and not scared on the plane and will be driven to my house from the airport. Anyways, it all sounded good, and after communicating with this breeder back and forth for a few days, asking questions, and telling her a little of my story to assure her that this puppy was going to a good home and to a loving person, she said we can proceed with the process. She needed my name, address, and nearest airport to my home. Then she needed payment. I went thru paypal so I thought, heck if it’s a scam I can always dispute it with paypal and get my money back. So on Monday I sent her the payment, and she let me know that payment was recieved so she will move forward with all the paperwork and arrangements. She then said my baby will arrive on Wednesday by 5:00 p.m. so I had a couple days to get really excited that I was going to be a mommy to a cute little fur baby. I couldn’t wait for her to come and I could take a picture of us and share the news with everyone. I was super excited and totally looking forward to it. I even kept in touch with the breeder to make sure the papers were going good and that even tho it was a snow day that I’d still be expecting her on Wednesday. She assured me that everything was going as planned. I did in the back of my mind question it all, and joked with people I talked to about my puppy coming, that I hoped I wasn’t getting scammed and recieve a jacked up raccoon or something. So Wednesday morning I get an email from a shipping company, that explains that my puppy is at the airport but they couldn’t board her because the cargo climate control/hazard inspectors said it wouldn’t be safe for the puppy unless she is in a special climate controlled, air conditioned crate for safe travels and to keep her from getting sick or catching any kind of infection from another dog that was being shipped. So I was just thinking ok that makes sense, the weather is bad, and I had a feeling there would be an additional charge for shipping. So the shipping company was called logistics proshipping so I looked the company up to make sure they were real. Sure enough the company has a website and it matched the name of the company and it was a shipping company that worked with the airlines. So then they tell me I have to choose a crate, they had two different kinds at two different costs, both were available to either purchase or rent, and if I rent it, I will get a full refund at arrival, with just a charge of $7.00 for taxes or whatever. I thought this was odd because why do I have to pay for the crate if your just going to give me the money right back anyways. So I choose a crate and then they tell me to call the company for payment instructions. So I call the company, and I questioned the man who answered about the crate business and that I found it to be strange, and that I was concerned that this would be a scam. He assured me that they do this all the time, and explained the airport guidelines on shipping animals, and he wanted my puppy to be safe and healthy. He also said the reputation of the company is more important than a few dollars and he 100% guarantees that my puppy will be safe and still arrive today, and that the puppy is at the airport waiting to board as soon as I send payment. So I said ok, I’ll give you my credit card information, and he says they have to do payment a different way, hmmmmmm, ok? How I asked? He said I have to go purchase an Amazon gift card and scratch the back of it, take a picture of it, and a picture of the receipt and send it to him. I said whattttt? He said the company worked with Amazon. I told him that didn’t make any sense to me, and any legit company would take a credit card payment and reverse the charges on arrival. The cost of the crate rental was $1,100.00 and I would get cash back with the puppy. Nope! I wasn’t buying it, not at all! He says contact my breeder and she’ll explain this is the service they use all the time. So I contact the breeder and she says she’s at the airport with my baby waiting to board her but because of the poor weather they are requiring her to be placed in a climate controlled, air conditioned crate for safe delivery. I told her the shipping company wanted payment with an Amazon gift card and I found that fishy. So I told her to send me a picture of her with my puppy at the airport. She sent me a video of the puppy being held by airline workers checking the puppy out, however the video was of Asian workers holding the puppy and she said she was at an airport in the USA, the Ronald Reagan international, but anyway, I remembered something, I saw this exact video already on the web when I was researching pomeranian puppies. Ha ha ha! So I told her nice try, send me a picture of her with my puppy, so she sends me two pictures of her with the puppy but it didn’t look like an airport. I told her that I did not believe her, and this is a scam! She says we’re wasting time here, the longer you take, the longer it’s going to be to get her on the airplane and over to my house.

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