Adriana –

Total money lost $45

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I mistakenly ordered from this company on Dec 31, 2017, and they never delivered what they sold, giving me a Microsoft Office Product Key which can not be activated or…which could never be authenticated.

Once you have bought from them, they will:

a) Refuse phone calls; they have an answering machine that claims "agents are busy," but disconnects you instead of putting you in a queue.

b) all the Email addressed ([email protected], [email protected], etc.) DO NOT FUNCTION. You email will be refused. You will get bounce back as undelivered.

c) Their "On-line chat" will not work, all reps are busy. You have to provide your eMail and phone number, which they use to BLOCK you from Zendesk.

You cannot find their address. Their website is hosted by SiteGround.com, which has a special feature: They will prevent "backtracing" to the original information. They confuse the issue by offering three locations when you try to find them based on their website IP address: Chicago (nope), Washington, D.C. (nope), and in the middle of a lake in Kansas. Clearly, this company DOES NOT WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU AFTER THEY HAVE YOUR MONEY.

After my encounter I have done some homework and gone on the reviews for MinuteDownload.com and have discovered hundreds of complaints all the same, this is a scam they lure you in by pretending to be a Microsoft distributor of discounted software. You will not get your product or support and you will not get a refund.

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