Mitchell Corgis

Donna –

Victim Location 25404

Type of a scam Online Purchase

We had been looking to adopt a corgi for some time, spending hours researching online to find a reputable breeder. I found the website for Mitchell Corgis and everything seemed very upfront. I emailed them, expressing interest in one of the puppies advertised. Almost immediately,. I got an email back requesting some of our details…normal questions like "do you have any other pets, a good veterinarian, a fenced yard, etc." I emailed back our responses and inquired about the shipping discount mentioned. After a couple of other emails, I noticed a trend of odd grammar and misspelled words. Then they informed me that there were no shipping discounts, and that the shipping company would handle everything. The person seemed to be trying to rush me into the purchase, asking for the funds to be transferred via MoneyGram/Western Union……RED FLAG!!! I researched further and realized that the photos and videos they emailed me of the dog we wanted to adopt, were all labeled with different pet names, and that there were small differences in the dog. They sent us photos of at least 3 different dogs, claiming it was the one we were adopting. This place is a huge scam. Be warned! Fortunately, I trusted my instincts before sending them any money.

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