Mitsuba Corporation

Jordan –

Victim Location 76051

Type of a scam Employment

Welcome to MITSUBA Corporation – You have been added to the team!

I strongly advise that you review this message in full:

I just received word from our HR department that the Payroll Registration Process is now complete. Starting today you are officially a part of our team. I wanted to take this opportunity and be the first to welcome you, as I have no doubt you will fit right in.

A little preview of what should happen next:

We are aimed at improving the market exposure by setting a wide network of prospective clients and servicing our own clients as best possible. Our business associates and employees invest their consisted effort to meet up the field challenges.

Now, that you are officially on Payroll for our company, the HR department has already sent word to our Accounting/Billing/Sales departments (departments which you will be working very closely with) that they can put together your first assignment. This operation is done via our Accounting department.

Putting together your first assignment can take up to 72 hours. As soon as the assignment is ready Accounting will send them to me and I will immediately email them to you for review.

What about training? Our company believes that on the job training is the best training possible, for that reason, we think of the first 30 days on the job as an adjustment period.

The adjustment period means: Your work load will be pretty low, all your assignments will come with explicit instructions, deadlines for these assignments will be close to nonexistent.

What about support? What about my team? The company usually takes up to 15 business days to assign a new employee to a team, this period is not always the same but in most cases it takes about that long.

What happens until then? Until you are assigned to a team I will be acting as direct support for you. This is of course not my direct role but given the empty time frame I was asked to fill in.

Your first paycheck:

Your first paycheck will be part of the Employee Welcome Package our company provides to all new employees.

The Employee Welcome Package contains among others: a hard copy of the employment agreement you signed with us, a letter of employment showing employment with our company, taxation information, benefits information etc The Employee Welcome Package will be prepared on April 16 and will be shipped on April 17. The Employee Welcome Package will arrive within a period of 14 days from its shipping date.

In the end I would like to draw your attention to the two options you now have, the options I am referring to are in regard to the method of salary payment you prefer. As stated in our FAQ our default method of payment is COMPANY CHECK. However you can choose one of the following options:

A. Company Check

B. Salary Debit Card (SDC)

I will expect your reply on this matter.

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