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Lawrence –

Victim Location 44118

Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

My son received a package in the mail. At first glance, it looked like a legit letter from the USPS. But it contained a check for $2,900.00 and a very detailed letter explaining that they wanted him to text when he received the check, then deposit the check in his bank account ( which he doesn’t have) then remove $2,400.00 dollars from the account and send 3 $800.00 blank money orders with receipts of purchase to his Batch Supervisor: THOMAS ALEXSON within 48 hours to receive a bonus $300.00 Walmart gift card. is contact number is 1-209-806-3177. His email was [email protected] . They ask him to send a detailed report about how he was treated as a customer. They make it seem like its a legit secret service assignment. The letter goes even further as to threaten us with a visit from their Task Force Agents if we don’t complete the tasks in a timely fashion. Claims that the check can be monitored and that his service as a secret shopper is being monitored and that under no circumstances is he to to XYZ… They make clear that they only want to communicate via text messages and he is to ONLY reply to this THOMAS ALEXSON person. I have called the bank branch the check was issued through, * *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** ** *** and spoke to a bank agent who checked the check number and confirmed that the check is fraudulent and that they have no record of a check with corresponding number. I also text messaged the "batch supervisor" and had a very enlightening conversation with him stating I wasn’t depositing anything and from there it got really funny. I asked to communicate over the phone, he declined. I asked him when should I expect the visit from the Task Force Team, he went silent. This is a clear scammer and I am very happy I opened his mail before he got home from school, because I know most teenagers would not have been able to spot a scam. All he would have seen is a 3,000 check and worked his butt off to try and get it cashed without me knowing. Further details are as followed: The check was issued to my son with RE: PAMELA VINCZE under his name. There were two authorized signatures on the check, one name was Carmen Barrientes and the other was a bit harder to read.. something like Rafla Inglam.. I cant say those are accurate names but hey! What do you expect. The letters had copies of actual USPS logo along the top header, you can tell it has been altered or stretched out to fit the page. It isn’t clear and crisp like if it were official. The spacing in the lettering is off in some spots, something else an official letter wouldn’t have. Take caution and I hope this can help someone else out there before it’s too late.

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