Modern Marketing

Shane –

Victim Location 48038

Total money lost $60

Type of a scam Employment

I received a call from Modern Marketing (XXXXXX), saying that they were impressed by my resume and had several position open. They wanted to schedule an interview. I accepted. The first interview (XXXXXz) lasted 12 minutes long, and was very general and vague. He spoke about helping Google market their new Nest product. He didn’t ask much about me (yellow flag), and couldn’t give me a straight answer on how it was that the company made money. He made very, VERY basic notes on my resume (leadership). I asked specific questions, which I was told were to be answered by the Account Executive during the second interview. (yellow flag) About 2 hours later, I received a call from the gentleman with whom I’d interviewed (XXXXXXXX . His delivery implied that I wasn’t originally considered for a second interview, but they granted it at the last moment as an "exception". This morning when I arrived at the office, there were about 6 people there in different states of dress. I was called back into a conference room with another "candidate" named BXXXXX to be interviewed by BXXXX Workman. BXXXXX started off talking about Direct Energy, and how their innovative approach to marketing Google’s Nest is the "bread and butter" of the company. Through "face to face marketing". I asked if the company was a door-to-door sales pitch (was told "no"), I asked (again) how the company made money – to which I was told "well, there’s a contract in place". That doesn’t tell me anything. He couldn’t explain it to me, either. I got up and left the interview. On my way out, I noticed that 2 of the other women from the lobby were huddled around a computer terminal with (presumably) another Account Executive. I’ve no doubt that they were mapping out territory for trolling. This company is misrepresenting themselves and sucking a lot of decent people into a dangerous situation.

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