Mologen AG

Drew –

Victim Location 48183

Type of a scam Employment

At first the position did seem legitimate, as I had just posted my resume online and the service says it posts it to many job sites as a means to get my name out there. He explained his company, the positions available that my resume seemed to fit. The first warning signs I got was that Mr. Kelly Raymond, after saying he just wanted to add me to his email for ease of contacting me at a later date as I explained I had interviews I was already scheduled for, started the interviewing process right then. Then, due to my friends being suspicious when I told them of what was happening, as I was being interviewed they searched the web for any known information on the claimed business Mologen AG. When he came back about an hour later congratulating me on getting position I applied for is when he started to act suspiciously enough to get my hackles raised. He wanted confirmation on my identity despite having identified myself twice already during his supposed ‘interview’ on Gmail Hangouts and that he wanted my complete trust. It was at this point my friends told me that the company had been flagged before and recently for this kind of thing and sent me the link on this website. He continued to tell me that I’d be getting a check in the mail, and that it was for my supplies. That I was to cash it and only use it for the supplies through a trusted company vendor. And then had me confirm I would only use the money for that purpose. It was exactly what the previous victim had gone through. Please, please be careful people, if it wasn’t for my friends and the one account posted on BBB I would have fallen for this!

Cristina –

Victim Location 76502

Type of a scam Employment

Mologen AG is an actual company, but the "recruiters" that contacted me after viewing my resume on Craigslist (I didn’t put personal contact information on the resume) were not with the company. After corresponding with them for a couple of days I began to get suspicious after I was informed that I needed to buy "materials through the company approved vendor" right away. So I contacted the actual Company’s HR department to confirm their employment and was informed that there wasn’t anybody employed with them under the names they gave me (Antonio Campbell and Gary Leonhard).

The company suggested that I report these men to the local law enforcement and I was referred here.

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