Money loan company

Kellie –

Victim Location 43567

Total money lost $650

Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

Tried to get loan and 650. Dollars later no loan and they took my money

Regina –

Victim Location 54660

Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

I received a voicemail from Roy on February 5th saying he was from money loan company and that I had been approved for a loan and to call back at the same number if I was interested. When I called back yesterday February 7th and said I had received a voicemail saying I was approved she told me to wait and would pull up my file. They already had my name and said I was approved for 3000 and my loan had been approved from when I applied a couple weeks ago which I don’t remember doing. The lady told me they don’t request any bank account information or make you sign a contract and help with your credit report so I said ok. She told me what I needed to do to get my funds was to go to Walmart and have a valid ID and my phone on me and once I was there to call them and they would provide me with step by step instructions and that I would have to get a card and put 250 dollars on it to show I was able to pay back the funds and that I could do whatever I wanted with that money once I had my loan. I kept asking about the purpose of the card and asked if they would have access to the funds on it and she said yes. So i said ok I get it this is a scam. She then started cursing at me then hung up. Glad I didn’t send any money.

Joseph –

Victim Location 55448

Total money lost $5,250

Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

I had applied for a short term loan online. About a week later I receive a call from The J Money Loan COmpany saying I was approved for a $3000 loan and they asked if I was still interested. I said yes and they told me I had to go to a MoneyGram store with my ID and $250 in cash. The cash was to prove I had the first months payment available. I reached the money gram store and called them back as instructed to complete the verification process. I was then informed that I was to purchase I tunes gift cards in the amount of $250 dollars and give them the codes and that would pay for the processing fees for my loan. I did this. I then get transferred to another department where they tell me that because I have just an okay credit score I have to give them another $550 dollars in iTunes gift cards because there is a fee for people who don’t have the highest credit score. I questioned this and they said I would get this money back with my loan funds and they assured me that once I did this they could finalize my loan and start the funding process. So I paid it. They then said they would transfer me to another department for funding. The next person gets on the line and says that to get my loan I need to pay for taxes on the transaction for state and federal. Those fees would be 650 dollars in iTunes gift cards and again that money would get reimbursed at the end as well. I was angry at this point and asked why the original person I talked to said I only needed the $250 and that every department I get transferred to charges me more money and If I pay this tax fee I would have already spent almost half of what the loan amount was. I was told that the government reuires them to collect taxes and there is no way around it. I said what if I just cancel the loan and not do this. Could I just get back the fees I already paid and be done. They said I could cancel it but I would not get back the fees already paid. So I paid the “tax” fee in iTunes cards and told I would be transferred to another department. The next department gets on the line And he says his name is Wilson and to fund the loan I need to pay $1399 for insurance to protect myself in case I lose my job or can’t work I won’t have to make payments. I told him I could not afford to pay a dime more. They insist that the loan can’t be funded without the insurance. I told them I didn’t have that to give so what about canceling the loan. I was told again I would lose everything I already paid. Wilson then offered that if I could pay $700 (half of the price of insurance) he would override the rest. So I agreed and again paid in iTunes cards. Wilson then gets back on the line and tells me that the payment I just made went through but the company will now not let him override the remaining payment on the insurance so I have to pay it or lose everything I already paid. Frustrated that I had already paid so much and after being promised that this would be the last fee I again paid it in iTunes cards. I was also promised they would reimburse this payment with the others. Mind you I have been on the phone in a Walmart/MoneyGram store for three and a half hours now. Wilson gets back on the line and says that there is a problem with the file because the whole payment of 1399 was not made in one lump sum it was made in two and the cards were purchased at two different stores one being Walmart and the second one was target ( because I had bought out all the $100 cards Walmart had) I had to make a third payment of $700 to complete the transaction which I would too be reimbursed for. I blew up at Wilson and told him he was a liar. He again reassured me this is the final payment and I could get the money funded. I was told now with all the fees added to the loan amount it would be too much to send through MoneyGram so they would have to wire it to my bank account. I agree because I have paid so much already and don’t want to lose it. I pay a third payment of 700 in iTunes cards. Wilson gets back on the line and says the payment went through and I can now be funded. Thank god I think. He asks for what bank I want the funds transferred to so I told him the name of the bank. He then asks for the routing number and account number which I give him. He says that the funds will be there within 24 hours and that if I want it there within 15 minutes I can pay another fee of $650 for a bank expedited fee. I told him no that 24 hours would be fine. He said he would be calling me in the morning to verify that I got the funds. I questioned him on the 24 hours because the transfer is happening on a Friday night at 6:15. Technically banks are closed now and on the next business day. He said no it should show up by morning because it’s an electronic transfer. I say okay and we hang up. About 15 minuets later I get a call from an unknown number and I answer it. He says his name is Mark and he is calling from the loan company. He also says he is Wilson’s manager. He is checking to see how things went with Wilson and if I got the funds in my account yet. I told him I was not happy with the whole process but that I won’t have the funds until the morning. He says he will call me back then in the morning to make sure I got the funds. The next morning I get up early to check my account online and the funds are not there. About 20 minuets later Wilson calls me from a different phone number but still in the state of Florida according to my caller ID. I tell him the funds are now t there and he tells me that there was a red flag on my account that there is one last fee of $500 that needs to be paid before funds are released. I blow up screaming and crying. I have paid so much out and if I stop now he says I get none of it back. So I get more iTunes cards and pay it. He says the funds will be released and they should be there by Monday because it’s now Saturday. I tell him about his manager calling me the night before and he says he has no idea who Mark is and not to answer his calls. Well Monday rolls around and no funds in my account. I try calling Wilson at the number he originally called from on Friday. It goes no where but a busy signal. I try calling him from the number He called from on Saturday and it just rings with no answer. I was severely scammed to the tune of $5250. I had a feeling in the pit of my stomach it was a scam after the third fee I paid but didn’t want to lose what I already paid. I should of walked away then. I hope this story keeps just one person from getting scammed.

Wayne –

Victim Location 78472

Type of a scam Phishing

Recieved a call from a number based in Madison, FL. Company named, money loan company. When I answered the phone, I was told that they were calling about a loan that I had applied for online. When I told them I didn’t apply for a loan the lady hung up on me right away. I did call back and I got when I answered the phone, I was told that they were calling about a loan that I had applied for online. When I told them I didn’t apply for a loan the lady hung up on me right away. I did call back and I got a man however when I told him I had not applied for a loan he he proceeded to curse me and hung up. Now I am receiving phone calls from a blocked number . Both people I spoke with had a heavy Indian accent and other people could be heard in the background.

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