MoneyGram – Imposter

Darren – Jun 04, 2020

Victim Location 39066

Total money lost $1,500

Type of a scam Investment

I was contacted through my direct message on Instagram by "Morian Samuels" of MoneyGram who claimed to be an agent who has helped a lot of people flip money. I agreed because on her page I saw people working in a room with computers and charts (like forex traders) and because I saw testimonials (or what seemed like) on the page.

The initial flip was supposed to be $50 into $500. I didn’t realize it at the time but she never told me what I would be investing in. After a while the return amount increased to $1000. Of course, I was elated, but for some reason I could not receive it on CashApp: I had to pay the IRS ($200+), Better Business Bureau ($200+), and later for a Golden Stamp fee ($600+ which they "knocked down" to $200 for me) and two or three additional restrictions. Later they felt gracious because I’m "a good customer" so my return became $5000. At this point I think it’s waay too good to be true so I got more suspicious than I had already was. I was then asked to send $600 to a MoneyGram location in Jamaica. Cashapp wouldn’t allow me to do it so I had to go to a MoneyGram site. That’s how I was supposed to pay for my last "fee" or as they called it "tax."

A few days later the lady’s boss "Mr. Charles," a guy with an African accent that I had been conversing with the whole time said that I would have to pay that Golden Stamp fee, and I should speak to his boss. His boss (the boss’s boss) was a guy with a middle Eastern/Morrocan accent, and he claimed to be "Mr. Peterson."

Mr. Peterson insured me that the Golden Stamp fee was my last charge before I got my money, but when I was asked to block Morian by Mr. Charles, I became alarmed. Why would someone from the same company request a customer to block another employee at the same company? He said "because I’m no longer a new customer". She handles new customers.

I blocked then unblocked her to see what would happen. Late the final night, she said I would FINALLY get my money. (She said that after they said I would get it two months ago). So, I woke up and got on CashApp, but alas there was a restriction.

Oh, and they blamed the whole incident on the pandemic. Morian said the IRS is putting more taxes on the money they send. That was their main selling point. They claim MoneyGram has a partnership with Western Union and the IRS to issue money out to help people out during COVID-19.

Notable quirks:

Morian Samuels excessively said "sweetheart"

Mr. Charles excessively said "my brother"

Mr. Peterson excessively said "buddy." Peterson also claimed to have worked for the IRS for the past 25 years.

Hope this helps someone!

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