Brett –

Victim Location 39564

Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan called from 954 246 4455 was offered me a $3000 loan if I would pay $250 through Moneygram as a verification that I could repay it because I have bad credit. They wanted me to pay $250 a month for 14 months. They said that when I got ready to go to the store, I should call them first, and then buy a *** *** card for $250 then call them back to give them the security number, and then they would deposit the $3000 and the $250 in my account. WHEN I TOLD THEM IT WAS A SCAM DONNA STARTED YELLING AT ME AND THEN TOLD ME TO SHUT UP

Dana –

Victim Location 71220

Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

Scammer says you qualify for a $3000 loan or more. He gives you an id number to get the funds at Walmart or whatever store sells money grams. You have to pay $250 refundable fee first.

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