Erik – Mar 22, 2020

Victim Location 85746

Type of a scam Other

I fell for the next day loan scam. Immediately after I completed the initial online forms. My inbox on my PC was flooded with emails from various "companies". I knew it was a hoax and I had been had. Nothing has happened yet but I’m contacting my bank on Monday. I’m writing this on Sunday (3/22/20). I read some info initially that made it seem like next day loans were legit. I should have done more research. I went to the FTC website and saw complaints from people talking about being scammed. This company is just one of many. I just decided to target them because they are frauds from what I can tell. All of the other companies have a pop up if you click your spam button. Which is also an indicator of a fake entity. Do not ever do online next day loans. They ask for your info including SS and banking and routing numbers as well.

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