Monster Energy

Kristi – May 10, 2020

Victim Location 91316

Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

The monster energy car wrap scam. They sent check wanted quick deposit and quick wire to another account check seems legit but from the net I google the scam it says it will eventually bounce.

Terry –

Victim Location 48015

Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

I contacted Monster Energy number given to me by my brother. They were contacting me by text immediately. They told me someone would come measure my car for the wrap and they would send me a check of $3600. As texts continued I became suspicious due to the lack of info the company wanted. I received a check for $3600 by mail and they were insisting that I deposit it that day. I told them I had an emergency and at the hospital with my brother they wanted to know what time I would be home ! I really didn’t trust them at this point. I received a text on Thanksgiving Day ! I was convinced then that it was a scam. I started looking up scams on line and it is. The check came from a Trucking company not Monster Energy. Please beware.

Andrea –

Victim Location 37338

Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

I received a text message asking if I wanted to participate in a Energy drink promotion with an email link. I sent an email or info. A David Gibson, hiring manager, said they were looking for people to put a wrap on their car. I would get $350 per week. They sent me a check by priority mail on Fifth Third Bank in Lansing, Michigan. The check was on a company called Bunge. The address was for Sheri Ann Hess, CMD Service LLC, 1743 Coronado and.,Fort Meyers, Florida 33901-6903. USPS tracking number 9405501699320132733800. I did not deposit this check after contacting Monster Energy and they informed me it was a scam and to file a complaint.

Sarah –

Victim Location 68127

Type of a scam Business Email Compromise

I had got this random email that asked I wanted a job to work with Monster Energy and I thought it would be a great opportunity. I emailed them back and they told me about the car decals so I was still interested. They said I would get the first two weeks of pay then I would have to pay the other company to put the car decal on. Then they said they will send me one week of pay so after that I was a little skeptical. Now I have the check and it’s for $2500 and the email said it would be $2350 can you see were im going with this.

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