Monster Export USA

Caroline –

Victim Location 06450

Total money lost $6,000

Type of a scam Online Purchase

To Monster Export USA,

Invoice Number: 19729

Be aware, this company is not legitnamate business. There actually scammers and there one of the biggest auto scammers in the USA. I was searching for a truck online and i came across the Monster Export website. Apparently, they have the exact truck that i was trying to buy. Its was advertise as an affordable vehicle and i called the company immediately. I spoke to a saleswomen named Mia Woods, she was a polite, professional lady. So we were talking buying the particular vehicle which is the 2014 Toyota Highlander. She send me the vehicle documents which proves that the vehicle is valid. Later on, i purchased the Highlander and the total price is $11,475.00. Then we agreed to send more than half of the price just to shipped the Highlander overseas. On November 27, 2018, i wired transfer $6,000 from TD Bank and after they recieved the money, i called the company again and i asked for the exact date for the shipment of the vehicle. Later, the owner of Monster Export USA started a big argument about the Highlander. He told me that he will refund my payment and after that the company blocked all my communtications and they never refund my money. To this day, i still need my $6,000 payment to be refund. And i filed for a police report for the Monster Express USA company and we are still on the investigation. Be careful with this particular company. They are complete scammers.

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