Morgan Teli

Veronica – May 11, 2020

Victim Location 79836

Type of a scam Romance

This man started by requesting to follow me on instagram on or around April 20. Then he shared a love poem on his story and I loved it. He then goes and messages me a hi on April 23, 2020. I hesitate, but I text hi back. After that he asks if he can get to know me better, and starts asking me questions about myself, giving me bits about himself on April 24. Details shared were that his mom passed a year ago, his wife and daughter died in a car crash, so he is a widow. He adds that he is in the Navy, in the US Army Reserve Center in Nashville, TN; has 8 dogs; one sibling; dad died when he was 7; attends fellowship; reads the bible (picture of him on floor in front of a chinese buddha shrine); goes to gym; goes swimming (during covid-19 restrictions mind you); eats seafood, spaghetti, salmon, pizza, and chorizo tacos. His mom was Mexican. Doesn’t smoke. That same evening he asks me to switch to Whatsapp, to message better. His instagram profile/account disappear the next day. He texts me his picture and poetry promising to be loyal for days, but I realize most of this poetry is online. So, as an English Teacher I catch it, and very gently ask, did you write your own poetry? He paused for about 30 minutes, but then says he referenced pinterest. When he free writes there are a lot of grammar errors, they don’t seem like fluent English sentences. When he calls through a "base calling app" in which he had to report to base, his voice and accent are different from his videos. So, he is posing as another person, a military natural medicine student/doctor from NUNM. He then asks me to reach at a second number (area code from New Jersey) because his battery heated up on the first number (area code from Alabama). He keeps on telling me to be with him "forever." He knows facts like my son’s birthday and about me because he asks a lot of questions about my routines and events. I don’t know what he is after, but he is not who he says he is.

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