Morningstar, Inc. – Company name spoofed

Yolanda –

Victim Location 30340

Type of a scam Employment

I was contacted via email by a woman Christina Williams. Also Carina Williams. Don’t think she realized she sent me two emails from 2 different addresses and names. She stuck with Christina Williams apparently. First red flag. Told me she found my resume on ZipRecruiter, which has been reported, and wanted to conduct a online interview through Google Hangout. Lead to a series of questions I answered purely based on job qualifications nothing too personal. I did not share my SSN or DOB or account information. But I did answer name, address, and who I bank with. Once she said I would need to purchase several "working materials" with a check that will be sent in the mail that’s when I started asking questions she couldn’t answer about the employer she was claiming to work for. I contacted Dave Goes to give him the heads up to this activity. Morningstar, Inc I am pretty sure is not aware of this going on but must be reported and investigated to put a stop to this. Morningstar, Inc is being used in the cross fire.

Sorry once I started asking questions of course she bailed and I couldn’t get any further information from her. I got what I could. I do not believe she was affiliated with this company at all. But she is using the name. I fwd the emails to the contact given and email to Mr. Dave Goes here on the company site for Morningstar, Inc.

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