Morris and Myers

Peter –

Victim Location 12401

Type of a scam Credit Repair/Debt Relief

These people insisted I had a Mastercard that I was making payments on for 3 years and I stopped, which is false I’ve never had a MasterCard let alone any credit card. They said they could settle the debt for $600, when I asked what company she told me that I should check my credit report which I did immediately after getting off the phone with them and nothing of the sort is on there. A couple days later they called back again and insisted I send them money, I refused and became very irrate with the woman on the phone, telling them I would make a complaint and she told me to ahead. I called the number back amd the same woman answered using a different name.

Ian –

Victim Location 76902

Type of a scam Debt Collections

We got a phone call saying we were going to lose everything, including our house, if we didn’t pay $4,000. The woman couldn’t fully explain who she was or the reason we were receiving the phone call and gave us another number to call. I called her back, there was no response on the other end, so I called again. She answered and as soon as I mentioned needing a name to go with the number to file a report for scamming, she says "Morris and Myers located in Riverside, California" and hung up.

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