Diane –

Victim Location 48306

Total money lost $50

Type of a scam Home Improvement

A man from this company came to my home on Saturday 6/18/16. He looked at the fridge and said it was repairable, he would just have to get a part for it. He stated it was $50 for a service job to come out and diagnose it, but it would go towards the cost of my repair. He then missed the appointment scheduled on Monday 6/13/16 and Tuesday 6/14/16. I called again this morning and when I complained that this was very unprofessional, he stated he would be here today at 1:30PM. He arrived 3 hours late and after having me wait, he came and looked at my fridge for maybe 2 minutes and then walked outside to take a personal phone call. He was sitting on my driveway screaming and yelling to a woman on the phone for roughly 20 minutes. He came back in for another 2 minutes and told me "This fridge is garbage, you should just toss it lady." I then replied with " but a week ago you told me it was repairable, you even wrote it on the receipt!". He then said " I’m going outside to make a phone call". I then waited about 10 minutes and went outside and he was gone! He didn’t even tell me what he was going to do about my fridge or that he was leaving. He practically robbed me of $50, took personal phone calls (that of the whole 5 minutes he was at my home), and my fridge is still not repaired almost a week later.

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