Moses Singh

Roberto –

Victim Location 11432

Total money lost $500

Type of a scam Charity

Hello, The organization called, and as me to donate $500. I told them I was not interested.

They told me that I can save a lot of money if I donate $500. When I asked for them to explain how, the told me I have to go at their address and discuss with a ‘representative’ – whose name is Moses Singh.

As a member of the hindu faith, and a member of this organization I meet with Mr. Singh, who inform me that I can save a lot of monies if I donate $500. He further told me that for every $500 i donate, he will give me a receipt for $1000 to show to the IRS.

I immediately told him this sound illegal, and he told me they do it for all their members. I took out my check book and wrote a check for $500, but he interrupted me and told me I have to give him cash.

At first I told him that I cannot give him cash because I did not have that amount of monies. He said he would drive me to the ATM and get the cash. I attempted to leave the office, but he stood infant of the door, and would not allow me to leave. He continue to encourage me to give cash, and after I told him I was no longer interested, the threaten to cancel my membership unless i follow thru with the $500 cash commitment.

After spending about 4-hours trying to leave the office, i finally was forced to drive to the ATM, and get the cash.

Until now, I have never received any receipt from Mr. Singh, and when I go to this organization, I do not see Mr. Singh.

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