Mountain road gallery

Caleb –

Victim Location 87110

Type of a scam Employment

I was applying for jobs on and applied to be a sales associate for Mountain road art gallery. I was contacted through a text messege first by a person who went by William Parker. We remained in contact through gmail and he informed me he was looking to hire a personal assistant because he was out of town and needed help. I would run errands and deposit money into the bank for him and he would pay me $600 a week by check through mail for 2 days of work a week. He was looking for someone he could trust, I needed to dress professionally while running these errands and if i were to quit i needed to put in a two weeks notice He would contact me further with instructions on what my duties were when he secured my first weeks pay.

He then mailed me a $2,963.00 check through fed ex 2 day priority. My instructions were to deposit the check into my account and then send him the copy of the deposit receipt blacking out my information and the funds would be made available within 2 to 3 days.Out of the $2,963.00 $600 was my first weeks pay and the rest was for office supplies and to pay bills. The check was from Carolina East Reality but the package was mailed from a home address from GA.

My boyfriend contacted the fraud department of our bank and not much info was needed before he was told that this was a popular scam. Once you deposit the fraudulent check you would be responsible to pay the bank back the money.

I emailed him that I would send the mail back to him and that I was not going to be available to work for him because I found another job. I have not heard back from him.

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