MP Group

Janelle –

Victim Location 77521

Type of a scam Debt Collections

I received an automated phone call with this message: ""Hello. I’m calling in regards to tracking location information on (my name). If you have any information that can lead to the whereabouts of this individual, please contact us immediately at 855-217-0141. Again, 855-217-0141 or press any key on your dial pad to be connected immediately. Our next step will be filing the necessary paperwork with the local County court. Thank you for your cooperation."

I called the number back – a man answered, "This is MP Group, Mr. Connor", I told him I had received a call from that number. He asked for my phone number (I gave it to him), he then asked me to verify the last four of my social security number – I refused. He said he couldn’t help me until I verified that information.

I asked what it is that he wanted from me and for more information about his company, I also asked if he was a debt collector. He told me they were not a debt collector and he didn’t have to give me any information. I told him the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act says he does, in fact, have to tell me more information because I believed he was trying to collect a debt.

He laughed at that statement and said he didn’t have to tell me anything. So, I told him I wasn’t going to verify the last four of my social security number and he told me he "already got all the information he needed out of me and this information would be taken to my local court..and good luck", then he hung up on me.

They’ve called my cell phone and my office several times. They’ve also called my elderly mother saying they knew were I was and they needed her to verify my information or I would be in serious legal trouble. This scared her very badly.

Arthur –

Victim Location 37110

Type of a scam Debt Collections

I received a very hostile message demanding a call back or action would be taken. Then I was told I owed a debt to a cash advance place for money deposited into my account by a loan broker. This was completely false. They had my name and social. They wouldn’t tell me anything but that loan broker was tior credit. Very forceful and vague.

Billy –

Victim Location 71291

Type of a scam Debt Collections

I was contacted again by the MP Group claiming I owed about $1034 dollars in payday loans from Cornerstone. This is the 4th time that I can recall getting these harassing phone calls. They call me, my husband and my parents. I have called and asked them several times to remove my number. I have asked for an email to be sent to me and nothing has yet to be sent. I am so frustrated because I know that I do not owe money for a payday loan.

They called initially and asked me to confirm my last 4 of my social.

After telling them that I would not confirm or deny my social she went on to verify a previous address. Once established that yes I did live there at one time she proceeded to tell me that I owe money. Once those words came out of her mouth, I told her that I have heard this before and that I was not falling for her scam. She got pretty upset that I called it scam and defended that it was not a scam. I told her to email me something which she said she would (have not received anything). Then once it was made clear that I would not be paying them any money, she got frustrated and hung up. I called back several times and told them to remove my number. They have refused. I again asked for an email. Still no email. I just want this to stop!

Douglas –

Victim Location 36350

Type of a scam Debt Collections

I received a phone called from the MP Group stating that I had a unpaid loan from 2011. When I asked who was the loan with they stated JVC PROCESSING (phone # 1-877-253-4764) they give you extension 326 to talk to Olivia who is NEVER at her desk but goes straight to voicemail to call them back. They had the name I used when I was married but got divorced in 2009. So my name was changed back to my maiden name in 2009. I immediately told Josh that I was going to file a police report for Identity Theft and he got upset stating he couldn’t take my word for it and I would have to show proof that I didn’t do it. I told him I never got any paperwork from them or heard anything bout this loan. He couldn’t even give me anymore information about the loan. When I told him I’m a police officer and have been for the past 8 years it made him talk more rude to me and hung up the phone on me. Now little did he know that I check my credit on the regular and I’m always looking for an pop ups so I can protect my credit.

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