Mr. Cooper Mortgage Broker Imposter

Deanna –

Victim Location 12978

Type of a scam Phishing

My mortgage is scheduled to end in March of 2018, with Mr. Cooper. I received a voice mail from “Ashlee” claiming to be an employee of Mr. Cooper saying that A payoff amount of my loan was calculated and it is lower Tha expected. She said that the payoff amount was good only good for a few days and that I can pay via phone or wire. The number she called from is 469-549-2306. She left a detailed voice mail and gave me the number to her supervisor, “Brittney” 572-956-6769.

I called “Brittney” and left a message – with the last 4 of my social as I did not have my loan number readily available- I was of course excited to pay my mortgage off early ——

These phone calls took place on January 24, 2018.

The next day “Britney” called me back and asked if I was ready to make payment on my loan. I asked her how I would get details about my escrow, and forwarding information regarding discharge of the lien etc. she said a package would be mailed to me. I asked her when my insurance premium was paid and she told me in December so I would not have a premium until next December; she knew a lot of information that only an employee of Mr. Cooper should know.

I told her that I would call the customer service number for Mr. Cooper and ensure that all of this information she provided is accurate and I could not directly pay over the phone.

I called Mr. Cooper customer service and they said they do not call customers with pay off loan amounts and they do not accept pay off loan amounts via phone. I requested a pay off amount via email (as they will not provide via phone) and received it today. She asked for $390 and my pay off is $1166.

I am so ashamed that I gave them the last four numbers of my social security number; they already knew my cell phone number, and detailed information about my mortgage.

I have the voice mail on my phone and the numbers.

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