Mrs. Aisha Ibrahim

Ronnie – Mar 19, 2020

Victim Location 79928

Total money lost $220

Type of a scam Investment

They promise to invest your money in a phony binary investment scheme where you are guaranteed double or triple return on your investment within a short time frame, usually a few hours to a day.

They ask you to make a commitment deposit to the account by name of BLESSING ARASONWAN SUCCESS, ZENITH BANK NIGERIA, *** *** ***.

After which they return back to say you investment was made and later they say it’s time to receive your reward but before they make the deposit into your account they need more money to pay for some fees, western union charges and so forth. They will keep asking for more money and when you hesitate or complain they threaten to withhold all your funds unless you make additional payments.

And that’s how they defraud you of a large sum of money.

Meanwhile they will keep lying to you how they are sincere and not a scam, and the lady will keep claiming she wont defraud you using the life of a supposed child to convince you of their sincerity. It is all a scam.

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