Mrs Anthony or Michael Barry or “Shipping Services”

George –

Victim Location 90027

Type of a scam Fake Invoice/Supplier Bill

Received a call at my place of business, and the caller identified herself as a "Mrs Anthony" and stated that the President’s assistant at my job (she named him by name) referred her to me. She wishes to donate several boxes of shipping tape to our company, she is dying of lung cancer, her husband just died in June, she is going to Sloan Kettering for treatment. She states that the Michael Barry, from "Shipping Services" will call me the next day to arrange for delivery for what sounds to be multiple boxes of shipping tape, that she states are a donation to the company I work for. Michael Barry did call the next morning, asking if he could deliver the following Tuesday instead, after the Labor Day holiday, and stated that the invoice would be inside. I asked for his number and he provided a number (that is an area code 949 and disconnected), and I asked for Mrs. Anthony’s number also, so that I could call her back to find out why a donation would include an invoice. He stated he would call me back around noon to provide me with Mrs. Anthony’s phone number. He never did call back with her number. I alerted the front desk and security at my work to REFUSE/NOT sign for any boxes that may be delivered to my name at my job. This "Mrs. Anthony" was a great actress, and kept me on the phone for about 10 minutes, going on and on about her illness and how nice I was, etc., and how I should guarantee her that the packaging tape would be used and not go to waste. For heavens’ sake – what a waste of my time – these people need to get a real job and contribute to society instead of wasting the time of other people.

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