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Frank – May 07, 2020

In March 2020 my computer made strange noises and someone from MS Network Support Inc. said that they needed to check my computer for viruses. After a lot of time of watching this person take over my computer, I authorized the payment of $1799.99 thru my bank. They now call me every month to check the computer.
Yesterday I received a call from World Line Solutions Inc. telling me that MS Network was a scam so World Line took over my computer to clean up whatever they said was invading my space. For this service I authorized the payment of $2200 thru a credit card. How do I know which one of these companies is legit and how do I make a claim to get my money back from MS Network if they are not legit?

Richard –

Victim Location 83442

Type of a scam Tech Support

phone number came up while on the internet. It said my computer was compromised please call for help. So I did. They offered to put software on my computer. I let them. They asked for 2 payments of $250. I said okay. Three months later I received a voice mail from them stating that they would refund my money since they were no longer allowed to conduct business. I called them back, upon transferring the call to someone else, they hung up. After numerous attempts to call them, I did make contact. I was told I did not make payments, would I do so now. I was upset with this process so I told him just to cancel me out. The man, Ricky Gill, started on a tirade of how his boss was going to take my costs from him. He stated this was bad because he had children to feed. I said I had the same problem and was not interested in being connected to him. Then he stated that I was blackmailing him. I because upset and told him I was not. He hung up,

Hector –

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Type of a scam Tech Support

My computer spoke words to effect. This is MircoSoft computer software support, your computer is infected with Trojan virus, call this number 1844-533-9061 and MircoSoft will fix problem and keep computer safe. Did as it said, they got on computer and everything I had in there is gone, they put spyware on it and was wanted credit card numbers. They got none. Now they sent an invoice to pay 399,99 for that service. I sent no money and computer is in PC shop being debugged.

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