MTE Solutions

Reginald –

Victim Location 97365

Total money lost $309.98

Type of a scam Tech Support

About six months ago my computer froze and a message appeared, allegedly from Microsoft suggesting I contact MTE Solutions @ 1-800-333-1634 so I did.

They supposedly cleaned up my computer, indicating there were 100’s of viruses, and charged $309.98 for the service, plus a three year support plan and Norton anti-virus.

Recently I received an email from this company, suggesting I contact them to take advantage of a free computer check-up. So I did call and they started the clean-up on my computer. In order for them to do that, they once again

received explicit access to control my mouse and keyboard, allowing them access to my accounts and any passwords saved. I could watch the scans they were doing, which indicated no viruses.

About a half hour into their clean-up I got a call from the technician (a foreign accent), who told me that someone from China had hacked into my computer and was currently acquiring all my account information. And for $699 I could purchase an anti-hacking plan to protect all my devices for 5 years, or $1799 for lifetime protection. Yes, they got the desired effect, I was scared. I also told them I couldn’t afford that. Then he asked what I could afford. He made an offer of $350 + $49 set-up fee because I was a senior citizen. Not sure how he knew that.

Anyway, through a blessing from the Universe my credit card was rejected. The tech told me to call my card company to approve the transaction and then to call him back. In the meantime he was still in control of my computer.

At this point I was questioning the truthfulness of this company. I ended up denying the charge and cancelling that card as they had the account number.

I called MTE back and told them to end the cleaning and that I was not going to purchase anything further from them. I was put on hold, then the manager (same accent) came on the phone and was playing ‘bad cop’ with me. I told him I planned to contact my own techie to determine whether or not there were any problems, and he was angry and said that’s what they were there for. He asked why I was backing down from their offer, that my firewall was weak and my system was vulnerable, and I said that I had no way to know for sure if what they were telling me was true. How could I know for sure if China was in my computer, maybe it was Russia.

We hung up. It took them an hour of inactivity before they got out of my computer.

My only option as a result was to wipe everything from my computer and do a clean install. And then change all my passwords and recovery options.

I believe that MTE could have very well gotten into my computer initially, and although all was still running behind the scenes, set up a smoke screen that froze what I could see and then sent their contact information as a solution. I believe that there was nothing wrong with my computer and they made it seem so to sell me their services and products. I further believe that they continue to prey on those of us not so tech-savvy by using fear in order to extract substantial amounts of money for unnecessary products.

Rodney –

Victim Location 44090

Type of a scam Tech Support

My computer was having a lot of pop-ups, etc, and a warning came up that I needed to fix my computer immediately! They came on screen, offered to fix my problem for x amount of money. I asked them how I would know if they were legitimate or not, to which they pulled up MTE solutions, gave me the whole company info, applied a number at the bottom of my screen that I could call at any time. They told me they couldn’t take my information over the phone, and a screen popped up for my information. I saw a charge on my Amazon account, and called to inquire about it, only to find out that I had ordered an I Phone. I explained that I must have been hacked. The representative I spoke to looked at my site, and stated that my IP had been hacked and that I have several foreign addresses. Please help!

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