My perfect resume

Deborah –

Victim Location 54729

Total money lost $44.95

Type of a scam Other

I’ve contacted this company by email twice and phone once clearly expressing my voice to cancel my account and to end charging my card. I’ve emailed clearly stating I do not authorize my card for future charges and this company continues to do so. The rep on the phone would not allow me a refund, instead issued me a 20.00 credit from 24.95. Now they are pulling another 24.95 off my debt card that I clearly did not authorize. I received notification from my last email requesting cancellation that a ticket number had been created and I’d be notified in two business days. Have not happened as of yet. I’m reporting this company so others aren’t scammed by them.

Miguel –

Victim Location 98036

Total money lost $24.95

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Used this website to help build my resume, it asked me to agree to a ONE TIME CHARGE of $2.95 to have access to the resume I built. They charged me 15 days later $24.95. I have read on a forum that countless people have fallen victim to the same scam and many were unable to get their money back. This company is charging our credit/debit cards without our consent.

Jay –

Victim Location 48051

Total money lost $125

Type of a scam Online Purchase

You think you are purchasing a template for a resume for $2.95 but really they charge you every 4 weeks (13 per year) up to $34.95/month. It’s a scam and when you cancel they continue to charge your card and pretend you never called

Adrienne –

Total money lost $50

Type of a scam Online Purchase

My perfect resume starts by having you create a resume for free- great! So you spend time making the resume without knowing you would be charged a fee at the end in order to save the resume you just spent maybe an hour making. Then it tells you it will be a $2 charge (approximately) and you’ll get a 14 day trial of the service. Fine so I do that without doing any previous research on the company because I didn’t think $2 was worth the research time (being a full time student with 6 courses.) It also tells you that you will get your money back if your unhappy with the service. So on I went with my life etc and then a month later I check my visa statement and was charged $50 from the site. I immediately check online reviews and thousands of people report the same problem as me since 2013 or earlier- that’s atleast 3 years of them doing this autorenewing scam without fixing it and making it clear to the reasonable consumer that they will be charged monthly. And they replied to the customers in the post so they KNOW about all the issues and problems it is causing people and still don’t change it. So I email them asking an immediate cancellation and refund and they tell me they only offer refunds if you qualify for a refund and will be told in 2 days if you qualify.

This is extremely unethical to firstly have customers spend all this time using the resume template without knowing they would be charged to save it. NO indication was given about this download charge. Then it falsely advertised as issuing refunds for any unhappy customers but telling me via email they may not be able to give me a refund. Finally the automatic renewal is in fine print and completely misleading to the reasonable consumer since thousands of people are continuously being charged sometimes months on end without even knowing.

When I ask to speak with a supervisor I am told over and over again that they are not available to speak with and I request via email for an email or phone for the supervisor and haven’t received any response even though they sent me other emails after this request. There are so many unethical things going on with this company who preys on young people who need to get a job..And the fact they charge you $2 to get your credit card information is very sneaky and unethical because they know customers won’t do extension research on their brand for $2…if they said outright that it was $50 for a month then people would do the research and most likely wouldn’t even use the site (I sure wouldn’t) but they make it hidden to hook people in who don’t check their statements and collect revenue off of these sneaky tactics.

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