My Phone Support

Trevor –

Victim Location 19149

Type of a scam Tech Support

They tried to have me give them remote access to my computer. The guy was very rude and when I realized it was a scam and mentioned it, he started cursing and yelling.

Dennis –

Victim Location 74146

Total money lost $299.97

Type of a scam Phishing

@ a year ago I paid @$299.99 to a company named my phone support So that they could offer me full-time tech support 24 hours a day over the phone or they could mirror my computer and fix it from inside there with my permission. I got a cancellation notice or a renewal notice that it renewed was do about a week ago. Yesterday I got a phone call from someone saying that they needed to refund my money if 299 99.

They asked for my Capital One which I paid for originally I gave him all the information then they asked for my bank account information for my debit card I gave him that this whole transaction took around for hours they were on my computer mirroring it I didn’t give him permission to do that I noticed that so I disconnected it with them but I reconnected it when they called back. They then asked me to they were sending an email and they wanted me to open my email to verify the name that was on the computer was connectwise control which I think is the system they were using to control my computer. In the middle of the phone call somebody from Amazon came on and asked me if I wanted to buy a $200 gift card very strange. Anyway and results is I checked my bank account and a Western Union withdrawal have been made for 299 99. I called my bank they said it’s already been wired to Western Union and that I had requested it I told him I didn’t they said contact Western Union. I contacted Western Union got hold of their consumer protection Department the lady I dealt with was Maria extension for 69 and they said they would I had to contact the National police in India they would have to handle it she said this was likely an antivirus scam they did assign me a case number and that is number 1 9 6 2 6 3 7. I don’t have international calling so there’s no way I could call India myself. My name is *** * *** in Tulsa Oklahoma. And even stranger enough I got a call from a woman asking me she was going to refund me $299 today because the same ruse.

She did call from a different # 204-315-2154. I find it curious that the same # sequence of numbers is in both phone #s… 315 215. Btw, I called back this # from this morning and got nothing but India language message.

Bridget –

Victim Location 45015

Total money lost $79

Type of a scam Tech Support

I was having issues with my Windows. I was looking for tech support on internet. Rcd an email saying they were from Microsoft. they said they provide 24/7 tech support for Microsoft. They said they would fix my computer but I would need to provide my checking acct. #. They said they would charge me $79 to fix my computer. I gave them my checking acct. #. I called them to tell them I wanted my money back. They said they would give me a refund but I never received it. When I called them to ask where is my refund, they used profanity. I spoke to 2 people…Steven Walker and Jason Parker.

Cole –

Victim Location 91604

Type of a scam Tech Support

I called this company after googling Microsoft Outlook Tech Support and found their number. When I called the recording said that the company name was "My Phone Support" I followed the prompts and spoke to a guy who shared my screen and then told me that I had a ton of problems with my computer and that he could fix it for a price. I then proceeded to tell him that I have Apple Care and that I would take the computer to Apple. This is where he got weird..He insisted on me paying to get my computer fixed at that moment and that Apple would erase my computer rather then fixing it. When I told him that I wasn’t interested and that I needed to hang up the phone, he continued to talk until I hung up. At this point he was still sharing my screen for which he types "hello, come back to the phone." I then reached out to Apple and they told me the issue I was having was a "keychain" issue only and that the laundry list of things that My Phone Support said I needed to have fixed, didn’t exists. I called My Phone Support back and asked to speak to a supervisor. It took them five minutes before they would transfer me to a supervisor and even after being transferred, the supervisor wasn’t listening. He still wanted to fix a computer that was already fixed. Stay away from these people. They are a scamming people from their money and should be put out of business.

Lawrence –

Victim Location 55128

Total money lost $359.95

Type of a scam Tech Support

I am not sure this is a scam, but here are the facts. I had trouble with Microsoft Word & went to "file", chose "Help", & finally "contact us". I got someone in New Delhi named Rakesh Kumal. He couldn’t fix the problem & asked that I talk with a tech person. But before he did that he explained that my computer needed to be cleaned every 2 weeks to keep it running properly. He also showed many websites to prove that they were a Microsoft partner. I purchased the 2 year contract for $359.95 +/- .04. After we’d signed off I went back to Microsoft’s website to confirm the partnership or contact them to ask if a partnership existed. Their website was not helpful. I than went back to the original path I took to get help in "Word" & couldn’t find the number. Instead I was sent to the Microsoft website. The company can be found at The number they gave me to call was 1-855-698-3240. As I said, I am not sure I’ve been scammed, but I have contacted my credit card company & put a watch on the charge. Can you help me?

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