My Ropin

Jaclyn –

Victim Location 57106

Total money lost $99.95

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Saw their ad on FB & thought they looked interesting. Shared the ad with my husband just as a “Hey look at this, kind of cool huh?” Next thing I know, he ordered it as a Mother’s Day gift. I hadn’t done any research so was a little concerned about it, but received confirmation they received his order & that it was being processed for delivery. I wrote back asking from where it was being shipped & the ETA. They didn’t respond. I sent a follow up email again no response. I seRched their site for contact info…all hat was provided was their email. That was the last week in April. 2 weeks later after no response, I went back into FB and put a concerned message on their page to alert anyone who might be tempted to make a purchase from them then asked my husband to contact the credit card company to report the situation. Next day, May 15, I received an email from them with a FedEx tracking number saying it was on its way and a private message on FB saying it was on its way. My husband decided to forego alerting the credit card company to give them benefit of the doubt. I asked again for an ETA to which they did not respond. Further investigation on the tracking showed only that FedEx didn’t have a “Known destination”. I contacted FedEx who explained a shipping label had been made but the order had not yet been received at FedEx…it was still at its point of origin. Back to FB as this is the only place they will respond when you put alarming info on their page. Private message response to me “please be assured my order was in the hands of FedEx on on its way to me.” I waited another week watching my tracking route go no where. Again I called FedEx receiving the same story from them. Back to FB only this time I have YET to get ANY RESPONSE FROM THE COMPANY. My tracking number then showed movement from FedEx to destination unknown with ETA of June 11. but did not arrive yesterday & showing it had arrived in Story City IA then put enroute to USPS someplace in MN with a new ETA of June 14 destination “Unknown”!

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