My Survey Write Up

Louis –

Victim Location 07070

Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

I recieved a text from "Bill Perkins" from "BestMark" Shopping Company phone number 845-832-1036 telling me my first "secret shopping" assignment arrived (even though I never signed up). A check with a xerox copy of instructions to go to drug stores to purchase ebay giftcards was mailed to me for 2900 – saying I would make $400 commission if i purchased and emailed back the gift card numbers.

Clayton –

Victim Location 10805

Type of a scam Employment

I believe I signed up to be a SECRET SHOPPER on LINKED IN. I didn’t hear from the company for several weeks. Then I received a text saying: " This is Bill Perkins from the Shopping Company. Package for your first survey assignment has been sent and delivered to you, kindly confirm once you have it." The next day I received a PRIORITY MAIL 3-DAY 81/2" x11" envelope in the mail conatinaing a letter and a check made out to me for $2900.42 drawn from the AMARILLO COMMUNITY FEDERAL CREDIT UNION IN AMARILLO, TEXAS 79106. The remitter of the check was RICHARD FELS and it was signed by TODD A MITCHELL. I was to be paid $400 from the check and use the remaining $2500 to buy EBAY GIFT CARDS from 3 different locations. I would earn an additional $150 if I completed the task within the next 24-48 hours. After purchasing the cards you are told to open them and peel off the silver scratch-off area. Capture the image of the card front and back and send an email to [email protected] SURVEYWRITEUP.COM. The letter is signed by Mark Jones. Since I did not cash the check or complete the assignment (smelled like a scam from the first text message!). I have since found out that the scammers ask you to sen the pictures of the cars which they use and the check they sent you bounces so you are out $2500 because they used the cards by the time you find out the check was bogus.Why do people think up such evil ways to rip-off other people? Glad I didn’t fall for the dumb scam!

Larry –

Victim Location 28214

Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

Envelope send via USPS

Text message sent to confirm I received envelope

Barry –

Victim Location 97266

Type of a scam Other

I just received a priority mail in with a cashiers check made out to me for $2,900.42. and a copy of a secret surveyor evaluation form. There are several companies printed on it but hardly legible. They advise to keep cash the check and keep $400.00 of the money for my fee for a survey. Then they tell you to go to stores listed and buy EBay cards in any denomination of $50.00, $100.00, $200.00 and $500.00. Then you capture images of the front and back of these cards send them back along with details about the store the cards were purchased Name and address of store, cashier, date and time of visit and send all of this info back to [email protected] Under no circumstances are you to let the companies know you are evaluating their services. Asked if your a secret surveyor you must answer No. I can’t imagine anyone sending out a cashiers check in my name for this much money. I see this happened to someone in California too.

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