Wendy – Jul 02, 2020

I was looking online for a Boxer puppy for sale and found one for sale at this website: I completed a form from their website with interest in one of the puppies. I received an email from [email protected] with additional information and pictures of the puppy. The price for the puppy listed on the website was $650. I replied to that email with interest in purchasing the dog. I received a call from 804-843-8798. He gave his name as Michael Mendoza. We discussed the puppy and I said I would like to purchase the dog. He sent me a contract to purchase the puppy listing the price at $650 plus a $150 shipping fee. I signed that contract and emailed back to him. He wanted to use CashApp to transfer the $800 but I tried to use this app but the transaction failed. We then agreed to use Zelle to transfer the money. He emailed me this information to transfer the money via Zelle: Email: [email protected] Name: Fatima Sm. I was able to transfer the money successfully. He then said he would arrange for shipping and send me the tracking number. I received an email with the shipping information. He was using the shipping company of: with the Tracking Number: BP29R001P48-FL Tracking Website A few hours before the shipment was to leave Richmond VA I received and email from the shipment company at [email protected] The email stated that due to COVID-19 a payment of $1500 for insurance was required before they could ship the puppy. I replied to this email stating I could not pay the $1500 and to contact the sender for this fee. They replied and said “The money is refundable upon arrival of your puppy and these are just precautionary measures put in place by the Florida airport due to the COVI-19. We thought it could be waived but if we can’t get this your puppy won’t be allowed into Florida should in case we arrive at the airport. Please talk to your sender about this and get back to us with updates on how to proceed.” I then contacted Michael Mendoza via email and phone. He said he would work on having this fee waived. He said that the fee was required and he could pay $550 of the fee if I would pay the rest of the fee. I refused to pay anything for this fee. He said he would continue to work with the shipment company to have this fee waived. He then sent another email stating that the shipping company required this fee and wanting me to pay. I refused to pay and asked for a refund. He said he would use Zelle me my refund me. I have not received any refund. The phone number 804-843-8798 now says “is no longer in service”.

Adrienne – May 27, 2020

Victim Location 18444

Total money lost $850

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Website selling boxer puppies AKA registered for 650 with a 200 dollar fee to ship through Skysafemovers. Her name was Jenkins out of Richmond VA. had a contract for the buyer/seller. She used Zelle for the money. I paid in two transactions. One 500.00 0n Thursday 5/21/20. and 350.00 on 5/25/20.

Acct [email protected] N’yema Halloway and Acct [email protected] Abdoul Diallo

I received a tracking number for the pup on 5/25/20. On 5/26 I received a email stating that he was being held for observation in NY for 24hours. I emailed the movers and no return response. It is only when I didn’t received the pup in 24 hours and I called the seller that I realized something was not right. I googled the movers and that is how I found out that this site already had complaints. The seller will not call me back. the number rings then beeps.

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