Myfacelooksgreatnow/ Radiant Beauty

Emily –

Victim Location 07095

Total money lost $120

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I clicked on an Facebook ad to try a product for a shipping and handling fee of $4.95. I had an allergic reaction to the product and stopped using it. I received another shipment the following month so I called to let them know I had an allergic reaction and wanted to send the merchandise back. That is when I found out that it was a recurring shipment every month and that the cost of the product was $94.95 per month. I explained about the allergic reaction and was told that the product is all natural and it must be my hormones, because l shouldn’t of had a bad reaction. I was surprised by that response and explained that I just wanted to return the product because l was not going to use it. I was told that it is a very involved process and that he would see want he could do for me. I was placed on hold for 5 minutes. When he returned he said I could keep the product and he would refund me all but the restocking fee and asked if I accepted it. I was given a transaction number for the refund. When I received my credit card bill I had two months charged and the refund credited. I called back to find out why I was charged a second time. I was told after the trial period I was charged the full price for the product and the second charge was the one I accepted the restocking fee on. I asked to speak with a manager and was told that a manager is bound by the same rules. I again asked to speak with a manager and was put on hold for 3 minutes. When he came back to phone he told me he did everything he could for me to have a nice day and then hung up on me.

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