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Ricky –

Victim Location 97355

Type of a scam Tech Support

Was looking to update my Garmin GPS unit, husband found this website not knowing it was not the right website. But it showed in large letters Garmin Navigation Update. Chat window opened and we gave info on Garmin unit. Then chat says a tech needs to call us, we cannot do update online.

We seemed to not able to connect Garmin unit to computer so tech says to do 123.showmypc and we did and gave him access to control my pc. he still does not seem to be able to connect the unit, then searches thru my computer and shows me the event viewer, but filters it only by ‘errors’. then he lists a whole list of things that is wrong with my computer and tells me we cannot update Garmin until my computer is fixed and cleaned of malware.

He says he will have a tech install Registry Cleaner, Anti Hacking tool, Network Security for a total of $207. I disconnected him from my computer and said no thank you.

It’s a big scam and I don’t think they are not related to

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