Myles, Ryan and Associates or Mediation and Legal Support

Caleb –

Victim Location 45764

Type of a scam Debt Collections

I have been getting phone calls several times a day from these numbers in Oklahoma. I live in Ohio. I usually just ignore them, but today I finally answered. A lady who said her name was Shyanne Taylor told me she was calling from the law offices of Moss, Ryan and Associates about a payday loan that was taken out in my name and never paid back. She had the last two digits of my social security number, my birth date, and information about where I worked in 2009. She said that the debt had been referred to their office in 2014 and that they had been trying to contact me since. When I questioned what payday loan company it was and where it was located, all she would tell me is that the name of the company was Advance Pay LLC, and they were getting ready to file my case in Ohio to have me charged with a 5th degree felony because the loan company believes that I took this loan out with malicious intent and never intended to pay it back. I have no recollection of ever taking out a payday loan back in 2009, I didn’t even have a checking account at that point. She did have the name of a prepaid debit card that I had in my name back at that time, but it is no longer in use. She stated that I had until Friday to pay $300 to get the court case pushed back and settle out of court, and that I could potentially make payment arrangements if I didn’t have a criminal background already. When I looked up the name of the law office on google I cannot find any information about a law office with that name. When I questioned the lady I was talking to about that she got very irate and told me that if I thought it was a scam she would just go ahead and push the court case now and have Ohio issue a warrant for my arrest. I truly believe this is a scam. It is very unnerving that they have all of my information though. The bank information they have is for a Netspend card, and they had a data breach several years back so I am curious if that is where they got my personal information from.

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