Tabitha –

Victim Location 30554

Type of a scam Employment is a website going around facebook promoting easy money to make a home. it is asking for personal information. when you have enough money to cash in it send you to a survey to complete and then you are suppose to be able to cash out. But instead it does nothing. i am wanting comsumers to know i feel strongly about it being a scam

Cara –

Victim Location 48104

Total money lost $150

Type of a scam Employment

They said if I drive traffic to the site I would get $10.00 per person, they start you off with $25.00 and everyday they make it look like you are earning money. then after $300.00 you can request for payment , but you have to click a link to open a survey, after completing survey, then you can request for payment. but you have to sign up to something and buy something from the survey, then it looks like you never get through the survey to get to the payment withdrawal form. and when you get out of it it starts all over again, but you never get to the payment, even through it says congratulations your payment is approved.

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