Mystery shopper Inc.

Darrell –

Victim Location 67401

Type of a scam Other

Sent me a check for $1978.56 to be deposited into my account. I was then to make a $20 purchase at Walmart and report the service I received. Then I was to mail $874 to 2 Recipients for a total of $1748 using Money Mart at Walmart

Aaron –

Victim Location 22206

Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

I first received an e-mail saying that I would be undertaking my first secret shopping/customer service evaluation assignment. I knew this was wrong, as I have already been doing secret shopping and getting paid minimal services, not the large fees that they were offering. This is what was in the e-mail:

Attn: *** ***

This is to inform you that you will be undertaking your "FIRST SECRET SHOPPING /CUSTOMER SERVICE EVALUATION ASSIGNMENT " on our behalf on Monday (7/25/2016) .At this Point in time you are expected to check your email every day and most especially MONDAY MORNING (7/25/2016) for Instructions to follow as soon as you get the payment for the assignment. Get back to us with a reply to show that you are in receipt of this message.





I have had this happen to me about 1.5 years ago to know that this was a scam! I wanted to report it, as I do not want others to get in this type of scam.

Vanessa –

Victim Location 85746

Type of a scam Employment

Was sent an email concerning possible position as a Mystery Shopper. This company sent me a cashier’s check from a local FL credit union.

So I deposited the check and then I received several additional emails stating that I would be evaluating Western Union. I was to send three amounts at different locations and evaluate service. In the meantime this company stopped payment on the cashier’s check and now my bank account is nearly $2000 in the negative.

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