Haley –

Victim Location 98513

Total money lost $25

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I was contacted regarding a vehicle I posted online for sale. The supposed interested party requested I provide a report through The site appears legitimate and provides sample reports. I entered an email to send the report to. The site charged $24.99 for a report. To purchase it redirected me to what appeared to be a PayPal page. I entered my debit card number but did not log in to PayPal. The transaction shows a payment to "PayPal – AutoMax" on my bank’s website. The "report" contained no information other than the VIN I entered at the top of the page and under the heading banner "Accident Check" it said No accidents; the same for "Damage Check." However no other headings contained information and there was no information regarding the vehicle make, model, miles, history, odometer. It appear the site is a fraud and simply completes a template with the entered VIN number, but produces no details and likely produces the same "report" detail for any VIN entered.

Ana –

Victim Location 98595

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I posted an ad about a week ago to sell my Truck. I have gotten zero interest in one week so I was very curious as to why someone sent a text today interested. It came from a (541) area code, so that would be Oregon and he was willing to drive up 4 hours to meet me in my town. He asked weird questions like "have you done anything to the truck" and "I only have a few days to purchase a car and this one makes the most sense." Then he asked what My availability was and I said I am not avail until next week, but he replied with "Lets setup for noon tomorrow. I’ll arrange a day off before leaving tonight. Also, can you send me MV report?"

I was confused because I had already told him I for one, can’t sell it until I have found another vehicle and two, I don’t have availability until next week. And I asked him what he means by a MV report.

He then replied with:

"You can get the report on i forgot to ask your name?i’m smith"

I went on to tell him that it has a recall that is set to get taken care of on Monday and that if he purchases the truck, he needs to take care of it right away. I told him he can look up my VIN himself and it’s on the ad. He then said:

"its not my vehicle to be running a report on. your selling it and I should get the report? I am taking an unpaid day off from work and paying for someone to drive me down so we can make a deal. If your serious about selling it..then im waiting for the report. Lets make a deal"

I then told him that I am no longer interested in selling the truck right now and that it does not fit within his time frame. I need to find a new vehicle first. I am going to remove the ad. Yet, he replied with:

"hey if your serious about selling it, then i’m waiting on the report?"

I told him to ready my last message. He then went on to say I was wasting his time, and I told him that he is a scam, which he insisted he wasn’t.

I blocked the number, reported it to the FTC and here. I believe the actual Website is the scam set up to collect money and also information that they will sell to other scam companies. The website is missing key information and verification badges as a payment collection site.

Cindy –

Victim Location 97116

Total money lost $25

Type of a scam Counterfeit Product

Selling a car on craigslist, was asked to go to a web site to get a vin report and was charged $25.

After I sent the report to the prospective buyer I heard nothing.

Jacob –

Victim Location 95765

Type of a scam Phishing

I was texted from above number by a person claiming to want to purchase my car Posted on Craigslist. They used specific vehicle information such as make and model and led me down a path of interest in several texts, then claimed to need a MV report.

I offered to give them a vin, feeling this was a scam. I was texted back an attempt at shaming me for not being a good seller.

Upset at my wasted time. Hopefully BBB has some way to information share to law enforcement to shut the site down.

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