N.B. Financial

Colleen –

Victim Location 55055

Type of a scam Credit Repair/Debt Relief

I was contacted, via letter, by N.B. Financial about the collection of a debt for a credit card that I paid two years prior. In the letter it said that the current balance was $548.42, but that the settlement amount was $274.31. I called the number provided twice, but was met with a voice mail. Each time, I left a strongly worded message informing the company that I did not appreciate getting a debt collection letter for an account that had already been paid in full and that I would like a call back. I never received a call back, so I called a third time and reached a man named Daniel. He said that this debt had a different account number than my other one, even though it had an identical amount owed, and that I needed to provide a confirmation letter to prove that thas was the same one that had already been paid. I went back to my files and found the letter and confirmation number for the payment. I decided to contact the credit card company directly to find out exactly what accounts they had for me. Not surprisingly, they only had one account for me (the account that had been previously paid). Looking over the letter with a much calmer mind, I am noticing grammatical issues throughout the letter. No reputable business would send out a letter like that.

For these reasons, I truely believe that this is a scam.

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