Name not indicated but used Crest Toothpaste

Travis –

Victim Location 83709

Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

The scammer sent a proposition about an offer to have my car wrapped with Crest advert and I would get paid $500 weekly. Link <span title="… />
I fell for it and submitted an application. He said that they will send me the initial check with $500 and I would pay the balance to the installer of the wrap and also sign the contract. His name was Donald Brooks and phone number used for messaging is +1 (727) 457-7649.

Next I received the check and deposited the $500 and kept the cash for the installer as instructed. However, when I contacted Mr Brooks about the installer and when he/she would come, he asked me to send the money via Walmart2Walmart Transfer. One surprise was installer was in NY and he said they are being assigned country wide. The name and address were:

Name: Crystal *** Location: Broxn NY 10228

Phone: 404 458 9730.

I consulted Walmart and they warned against it as they have seen many of these kind of scam.

Another suspicion also arose from the mailing address. It shows that it came from


1313 S Yuma PALMS PKWY

YUMA AZ 85365-1722.

Zumiez looks to be a clothes store in Yuma from Internet Search.

This scammer after telling him that I could not send via Walmart he told me to send cash by mail and he started using bad language.

I have notified my bank and they told me that the check will revert back. So I will not lose any of my money.

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