Stacey –

Victim Location 44470

Total money lost $37.80

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Though this is not the exact company that my son was scammed through, I believe it is very much so related. The original web site no longer exists, but this one is very similar. The original web site where he lost his money was called This one is The game my son originally tried purchasing is also listed on the site for the same price of $18.90. I realize that is a red flag based on the cheap price, but my son did not. He is high functioning autistic with learning disabilities. He tried ordering Luigi’s mansion 3 through which instantly took his money (twice) yet as soon as he tried putting his order through a message came on the screen saying the order was voided and that he wouldn’t be charged, but he was and he was never refunded over two weeks later. He tried contacting them through their support email, but it came back as invalid. There is no way to contact them, but his money ($37.80) is gone. He never received any email from them concerning anything and now the web site is seemingly gone. When he ordered, he said that it said you could put your order through using paypal, but it is automatically redirected to go through stripe and gravity ventures metrolyrics.c which is the name that is shown on the bank statement. If I’m wrong about this ( being run by the same people I apologize, but it seems to be much like the one where my son lost his money through.… (this is the link to the site with Luigi’s Mansion 3 priced at $18.90 for nintendo switch on

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